Oh Those Alliums

Oh Those Alliums

The allium bed in April

The allium bed in April.

I confess that I have an onion personality disorder. I have planted yellow, red and white onions, shallots, leeks, garlic, elephant garlic, egyptian walking onions (aka topset onions), chives, scallions and, this year, multiplier onions. We have too many alliums. But they’re so easy to grow! (With one huge exception. I’ll get to that. Actually, two.) They are reputed by some to cure whatever ails you. Of course, that assumes that you eat them raw. You know, the Mediterranean diet. Raw garlic followed by a glass of olive oil. I must admit that I know an elderly gentleman who has remained quite hale and hearty by eating onion sandwiches. That would be white bread, butter and thick slices of any onion handy.

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  1. Jan says:

    Thanks, Linda. I’ll be posting more as time allows.


    Jan, I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. I am keeping it as a favorite to check out new articles.
    Linda : )

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